Carmen Saenz Murray
Made in the USA

Carmen Saenz Murray was born in El Paso, Texas. At age 10 her family moved to California, she worked hard to learn English and at 18, she became a part time receptionist for a local decorator supply house owned by Lou Sugarman. Murray became assistant manager of customer service; but not boxed in by her title, she became involved in production, as well as sales and operations. By 1990, Murray was promoted to General Manager, and her efforts made such a positive impact on Sugarman that he named her President of the company. The remaining shares of Rodeo were sold to Murray in 2000 when Sugarman retired. In 2010 Murray joined the Stark Carpet family and the Rodeo Collection became a division of Stark Carpet. Rodeo continues to operate with the same old-fashioned values instituted and held in place for over 40 years.

Rodeo Collection a Division of Stark Carpet Corp.
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